Salix Raw Special Graded Junior

£130.00 inc VAT

Handmade in England from selected Grade 4 English Willow.
Conceived as T20 bat, but adopted by aggressive batters in all formats, looking to score runs quickly.
Modern (Flattest) Contemporary Face Profile.
Unique Salix CRC Handle.
Dramatic, Exaggerated Edges.
Subservient Bow.
Full Range, Deep Driving Area.
Fuller Backed, Minimal Concave Sanding - ensures a wide sweet spot.
Uniquely Etched, textured, patterned and embossed chrome/white/black/blue labels.
Bat Vax toe dipped: especially developed natural, plant based sealer to help prevent water ingress, sealing end grain to protect against cracks - does the same job as a toe guard.
Trademark Salix angled toe and blended edges to minimise tapping and running in damage, in conjunction with the player's care and maintenance regime.
Thick Oval Handle.
Clear Anti-Scuff Sheet & Fibreglass Edge Tape applied.
Navy Hybrid Grip fitted.
Available in Short Handle and Short Blade, in weights of 2.9+.
Big but elegant, powerful but super controlled, this is raw performance Salix style.

Stripped back with a clean, contemporary and sharp profile, deep driving area and dramatic, exaggerated edges. The focus of the Raw Graded Cricket Bat is performance, but the finish is still 100% Salix - beaten chrome labelling, white embossed logo, and a glass like finish.

The thoroughbred of limited overs bats, the Salix Raw Graded Cricket Bat is processed at every stage of production to intensify performance and core strength, but shaped, balanced and finished as only a Salix bat can be. It will strike the ball brutishly, but still be effortless to wield.

Now available in the entry level Graded (Grade 4 English Willow) price, this Salix Raw Cricket Bat is now much more accessible and affordable than ever before